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Enterprises globally have embraced voice-based contact centers and BPO processes delivered from value centers like India. Most of the Fortune 500 as well as many mid-sized companies have already established their own contact centers or outsourced their work to 3rd party vendors.

GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO has the know-how and experience to help its clients setup contact centers for multiple types of voice-based business processes.

GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO’s team has demonstrated strong understanding, not only in delivering these processes but also managing them.

Through working with GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO clients generally achieve:

Cost savings of 30-50%

Lower repeat calls because of clear communication and issue resolution

Process transformation through continuous learning and feedback

Drop in call wait times by achieving quicker resolution

There are many voice-based processes that could be done from a remote office like India. Some of the ones that GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO has expertise in include:


By working with GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO’s technical HelpDesk team, companies can lower the costs of providing technical HelpDesk support to their clients, reducing frustrations and ensuring loyalty towards the brand. GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO’s team can deliver technical support services not only through voice but also through remote connections and video playbacks.


Clients can achieve faster resolutions for their customers by working with GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO’s BPO team for inbound call support. These could be for technical help, billing help, order status, feedback, complaints and many more.

By doing this efficiently and methodically, clients can get deep insight into problems faced by their customers and thus improving on those to achieve longer term loyalty.


Each company reaches out to its customers, generally through calling them up to sell them their product / services. However recruiting many of them could be expensive in countries like USA, Canada, UK and others which is where GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO could step in and save costs for its clients.

Our team has strong English language communicators that can understand and talk to end consumers very effectively generating leads for the companies to follow up on.

Extend your voice based support team by partnering with GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO as your Technical HelpDesk, Inbound call support team or Outbound Telemarketing team. Reduce your operational costs while reaching a larger customer base, call us now on XXXX or contact us now to know more on our Voice Based services.


There are many functions across all the industries that can be broken down into simple processes which can be outsourced consistently and effectively for a lower cost. This helps companies focus on their core competencies while leaving the non-core work to companies like GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO.

Our team has been delivering quality BPO services in various industries and functions since 2004. GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO’s team has delivered cost savings of over 30% in all of these processes while achieving quality levels as well.

This can be extended to many other processes followed by enterprises globally.
Some activities that GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO could assist in lowering costs while standardizing the approach include:


Whether through market surveys or vendor assessment surveys, GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO  BPO can help companies get valuable information needed to make strategic decisions. These surveys would follow a standard approach without any bias, leading to objective information that companies could use.


Given the advent of social media, companies and brands need to be aware of their reputation online as word-of-mouth effects are accelerated through social networks.

That is why monitoring and analyzing yours as well as your competition’s online conversations are very important. GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO can enable you to follow these conversations and alert you when things aren’t looking good.

That way companies and brands could salvage their image especially amongst their valuable customers and influencers leading to future success online as well as offline.

Bank on our experience in multiple industries to help you with your business processes. Our team can work according to your delivery needs to provide the right support for your business, be it Survey or Social Media Monitoring and Analysis, talk to us to understand how we can help you. Call us on xxx or Contact us now.


Companies need to be able to sell their products and services in order to remain in business. However, not all activities are strategic or core to the marketing or sales teams.
A lot of time is spent on non-core activities like creating calling lists, searching databases, cleaning up prospect lists etc, a lot of which take away productive time of teams, causing an indirect loss to the company.

That is why companies need to look to Marketing and Sales outsourcing services in order to ensure that their staff focuses on the strategic aspects of the company, thus 
improving their chances of success.

Marketing Outsourcing services help the marketers to think more about the strategic aspects of their work. They depend on the vendors to complete the routine tasks in a timely and accurate manner.

Sales Outsourcing services help the sales people to close the sales better by allowing them to spend more time closing while leaving other routine tasks to their outsourcing vendors.

GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO has had considerable experience in ensuring that their clients’ sales and marketing teams stay focused on what’s important.

GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO’s marketing and sales outsourcing team works as an extension of their clients’ teams by ensuring seamless transition of non-core activities and in the process lowering costs for the company.
Some of the services that GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO can help the marketing and sales divisions in a company are:

Telemarketing / Inside Sales
Customer / User Surveys
Prospect List management
Data entry of catalogues etc.
Social Media monitoring and reporting
Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing

Let your marketing and sales team focus on the strategically important activities while GLOBAL INFOSYS BPO helps take care of all the peripheral activities like Customer support, Telemarketing, Customer surveys, Data entry of catalogs, Social Media Monitoring and reporting and Online marketing.

Call us on XXXX or Contact us today to know more on how our team can help improve your marketing and sales teams efficiency and productivity.